MDI is Reliable, Dependable and Very Accommodating

Dale County Commission is writing this letter to recommend the garbage collection service of Mark Dunning Industries, Inc. Dale County has been using Mark Dunning Industries, Inc. for our residential curb side garbage service since February 1, 2014. MDI is reliable, dependable and very accommodating. They have dependable employees and equipment to be able to give exemplary service to our residents of Dale County, Alabama. They keep a direct line of communication with our solid waste office and the commission. Dale County Commission has been very pleased with the service we receive from Mark Dunning Industries, Inc. and look forward MDI continuing to service Dale County. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Steve McKinnon | Chairman | Dale County Commission

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Extraordinary Customer Service

On behalf of the City of Headland this letter serves as our highest recommendation for Mark Dunning Industries. The City of Headland has contracted Residential and Commercial Garbage pickup with MDI since 2011; saving us over $200,000 annually. During this time we have appreciated the extraordinary customer service we have received from Mark and his staff including our representative, Starr Bowman. Starr always goes above and beyond to maintain our contract needs as well as unexpected issues that arise. MDI has built a strong relationship with the City and work hard to maintain fair rates while providing a dependable service for our constituents. If you have any questions or would like further information concerning our relationship and contract with MDI please feel free to reach out to us at 334-785-5601.


Heather Shippley | City Manager | City of Headland

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MDI Goes Above & Beyond

I forgot to put my trash by the end of the road the other day and was in a state of disappointment when I realized my error. I got home and went to throw something away and the can was empty! I called MDI, and spoke with Todd Rhodes who informed me that it was probably the guys on the route. He said, “we have some good guys” and told me he would check with the men that ran our route and get back with me. He did as he said he would and called me back informing me that it was in fact the guys that ran on the route that day. I absolutely cannot say enough how much I appreciate them going above and beyond their job. I hope that this helps on their performance reviews because they certainly displayed a level of customer service and pride in their job that is hard to find.

With Many Thanks,


An Amazing Act of Kindness

I am emailing in praise… the crew that is on truck #467 are absolutely amazing! I have two boys that are not in school yet. Every Tuesday they stand outside and motion for the driver to honk the horn (like we used to do as kids), and she does multiple times for them. The man that is on the back of the truck walks the trash cans to my boys after he empties it so that they can bring it back to house. There are not many that would take the time for a couple kids. It warms my heart to see such caring and love still left in the world. And my boys ask every week when they are coming. They look forward to it. It makes them smile. Its an amazing act of kindness. The world needs more people like them!

Thank you for your time,

A. H.

MDI is Amazing!

My onsite superintendent, who has been in the business for over 30 years, just told me that you are the best dumpster company he has ever worked with!

Thank you!

SW | Ram Enterprises, Inc.

Army Family Housing [CORVIAS] is a Satisfied Customer

I don’t think that these guys get the credit and attention they deserve! The crew that run the trucks around these neighborhoods are some of the nicest and hardest workers on post. They are basically famous to our kids who wave at them when they come through. They are always smiling and waving back.

There have been days where I forget to get my can out on time and just miss them. They have taken the time to double back and grab my can when they see me run out after they go by. Never bitter about it and always smile and joke with me about it. Truly every experience we’ve ever had has always been positive. A+ job and A++ personnel.

Thank you!

Best Service Ever

You guys are amazing. This is some of the best service I’ve EVER had!

Thank you so much!

Emily | Trash & Recycling CSR | SLM – Facility Solutions Nationwide

A Happy Fort Rucker Customer

Our MDI garbage truck always comes by with the same two professional and friendly men. They are both so quick, careful and they always take the time to wave to my son and I.

My son has a fascination with the truck – and with the nice gentlemen. I don’t know if you can find them, but please thank them for us. What you guys do makes a huge difference. I’m sure it’s not fun all of the time, but we really appreciate it.

Thank You!

High Praise from Caddell Construction Company

Throughout the course of this one and a half year long project, Caddell Construction Company Inc. has continually been pleased with the performance of Mark Dunning Industries, Inc. waste removal services. MDI has provided prompt responses for all service calls including dumpster pulls and dumpster relocations. Same day responses were the norm for nearly all service calls which made managing construction waste much more governable in an environment where 20 yard dumpsters can be filled in an hour.

On top of the challenges all construction sites bring to waste management, this project was a LEED Certified project that achieved an exemplary performance credit for ]waste diversion. 95% of ALL construction waste created during the course of this project was diverted from the landfill and recycled. This is an outstanding achievement and MDI was a key player in this success.

Not only was MDI’s field personnel timely and responsive, but their front office and administrative staff always provided accurate waste tickets and monthly LEED reports. Their thorough documentation made tracking our waste diversion a simple painless process.

I highly recommend MDI for construction waste services. They have been professional, conscientious, a pleasure to work with and not to mention their pricing was unmatched. Our waste management goals may not have been achievable without the help of MDI, especially in respect to LEED. I hope to have the opportunity to work with MDI again in the near future.

Paul Lavanish, Project Manager

Hunt Building Co. Ltd. is a Satisfied Customer

We have been using MDI/Colonial Heights to haul off our building debris (cardboard, drywall, lumber, etc.). Over the past three years, we have successfully constructed 701 military family housing units at Ft. Lee, Va. We have been and continue to be very pleased with the prompt service that we receive from MDI. MDI is very service orientated from the dispatcher to the truck drivers. MDI also has modern equipment that allows them to provide the prompt service. We highly recommend MDI to any company or individual needing this type of service. Thank you.

Hunt Building Co. Ltd.

Ken Broadwater Homes LLC is a Satisfied Customer

We are very please with the service we receive from MDI. Dumpsters are delivered, dumped and returned on time. We also like that we can get our Porta-Johns delivered and CLEANED in a timely manner. You all do an excellent job. Keep up the good work.

Ken Broadwater Homes, LLC

TMP Construction is a Satisfied Customer

Fast, prompt service. Very willing to accommodate any special needs. Can be reached most anytime. They have an excellent billing system, courteous drivers and excellent office staff.

TMP Construction

Turner Strategic Technologies is a Satisfied Customer

I have worked on many projects and worked with many disposal companies. MDI and the Jager team have been the BEST I have worked with. They are prompt and courteous. I hope to have many projects with MDI and the Jager team.

Turner Strategic Technologies

Diann Dillard is a Satisfied Customer

I am writing to compliment your service and staff. I recently switched to your company and have been so pleased. I have shared my positive experience with everyone in my my neighborhood I know and recently my neighbor switched to your company because of it.

I am so impressed that you still have a man that takes the time to get out, dump the trash then put the can back at the curb – instead of wherever the arm on the truck dropped it. They even take the time to wave at my boys that watch them every Friday morning!! Thank you! Great customer service is hard to find these days – glad I found it with your company!!

Diann Dillard