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MDI is in the 2020 Rubicon Haul of Fame

By Rubicon Global
Rubicon Global has added MDI to its 2020 “Haul of Fame,” a weekly interview series with our hauler partners who serve on the front lines of our industry every day…

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MDI and the “Haul of Fame”

By Lori Sullivan, VP of Hauler Operations
Rubicon Global invited Mark Dunning Industries, Inc., a Rubicon partner for over 10 years, to its weekly “Haul of Fame” series to sit down and talk about MDI’s company, community and collaborating with Rubicon in it’s mission to end waste….

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Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

By Senior Airman Suzie Plotnikov
When the Recycling Center here took over the contract in 2010, they’ve adopted a motto: reduce, reuse, recycle. Not only has their motto reduced the amount of waste going into the landfill, but the Qualified Recycling Program brings money back to the base…

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Recycling with NCBC

By BU2 Susan Johnston NCBC Public Affairs
MDI is a honored to assist NCBC in their recycling efforts. Since NCBC contracted MDI they have “greatly increased the amount of materials being recycled”…

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Cease the Grease

By Susan Griggs – 81st Training Wing Public Affairs
Keesler AFB is fighting a battle against FOG – fats, oils and grease. “Cease the Grease” kicked off on Earth Day in April to inform the Keesler community about the harmful …

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50 Contracts Without Default

By A. Santa Lucia – Trucking Infrastructure Magazine
“Over the past 33 years, MDI has successfully completed over 50 contracts without default…

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Recycle Those Beads!

By Mississippi Recycling Coalition
This year’s Mardi Gras celebration ended with a little lagniappe, Zero Waste Solutions, Mark Dunning Industries, and Keesler Air Force Base teamed up to clean up …

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Keesler Earns Recycling Award

By The Sun Herald
Keesler AFB has been named an environmental hero in Mississippi for its comprehensive recycling efforts. The Mississippi Recycling Coalition chose KAFB as…

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Keesler Celebrates Earth Day

By Allanna Jones – 81st Training Wing Public Affairs
Every year, Earth Day opens our eyes to the destructive effects waste has on the planet. Keesler’s recycling program and its affiliates, Mark Dunning Industries…

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Recycling Brings Benefits

By John Cochran – Staff Writer
Recycling paper, plastic and other materials is green in more ways than one, according to the solid waste program manager at Kirtland Air Force Base…

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Mississippi Names Enviro. “Hero”

By Heather Heiney – Senior Airman
Keesler’s recycling center won the “Environmental Hero” Award, Recycler of the Year in the state or federal government category from the Mississippi Recycling Coalition…

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Recycling Contract Implemented

By Steven Kitt – Staff Writer
While Team Kirtland has been recycling for many years, April marks the beginning of a new era in our recycling program bringing many opportunities. KAFB will be contract…

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Program Turns Trash to Treasure

By Susan Griggs – 81st Training Wing Public Affairs
Keesler’s aggressive recycling program returned $176,322 in proceeds to the base by diverting nearly 40 percent of its waste from landfills in 2011…

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